Insulated Panel System


Insulated Panel System

Insulated wall panels offer superior quality, durability and high insulative values with a large array of finishes to meet any design criteria. Consists of decorative finish combined with insulation (EPS/Polyurethane and Mineral Wool) under factory controlled conditions. Non load-bearing, lightweight panels are produced which can be fixed directly to either Concrete structure, timber or steel frame substrates on site with a full range of factory-produced or site-applied components. Significantly improving the thermal performance of the building.


Established in 2005, with its manufacture facilities based in Sichuan, China, Goodly provides a comprehensive services for general contractors, as well as exterior wall applicators, including design, customization, manufacturing, supply, and application of Goodly prefabricated exterior wall panels. The company annual product capacity exceeds 10 million square feet.

Application of Walshell®-G1/F1 Panel

Six key steps to mount and apply Walshell® panels: